First Class?

If you are new to the studio, your first class is free! Bring a friend!


I'm new to dance! What is there for me?

We're glad you found us! We have a few classes for beginner dancers whether you want to experience it with a group or privately! Here's what we recommend!

Kids and Teens: Orbit (10 week program).  More info here.

Adults: Adult Hip Hop Class (Tuesday Nights).  More info here.

Privates: Learn at your own pace, book some privates! More info here.

Click here for more class info.


When are your drop-in classes?

Our monthly drop-ins are scheduled on Saturdays throughout the year. For the dates, visit our schedule page here.

6:00pm - Intermediate with Karen, Jasen, Jessica and Ronald

7:00pm - Inter/Adv with Katherine and Rocky

8:00pm - Advanced with Goldie and Apple


How much are your classes?

Drop-In: $15+GST/Class

Recreational: $150+GST/Session, register at anytime.  You can join even when the session has begun!

Competitive: Varies, please visit our competitive classes page here for more pricing info.


What do I bring?

Indoor shoes, comfortable active wear and a water bottle.


Payment types accepted at the studio?

Drop ins and Workshops : Cash and credit

Recreation: Cash, cheques and credit

Competitive: Credit and post-dated cheques

Merchandise: Cash and credit

No Debit


I want to train but can't compete? What is there for me?

We offer several intensive recreational programs that run in the Fall and Winter Sessions as well as drop-in classes and workshops. Check out our recreation and drop-in classes or send us an email at info@universesouldance.com.


What's the age range/level for your workshops?

Our workshops are open to all ages! Most of our guest teachers will teach at an intermediate to advanced level. As long as you are in intermediate – advanced student of any age, the workshops will be a great experience for you!  These classes are also open to beginners up for a challenge!


How or when do I register?

Drop-Ins: Come to the studio (15 minutes early if you've never been before) and we'll get you set up!

Recreation: Registration is open year round.  You are able to join a program after it's start date.  Recreation programs are sold in 10 week packages (sessions), for the Fall and Winter. We are currently working on online registration!

Competitive: In person at the studio in the first two weeks of September.

Summer: You can register online when it becomes available in May.


How do I get on a competitive roster?

You will need to attend the audition! Auditions for competitive rosters are held in the last week of August and allow us to place students in the correct level for their best success.  Most of the students who audition are offered multiple rosters!


How do I rent the studio?

Fill out our rental inquiry form and a UV representative will get back to you within 48 hours! Check out the rental page for more info and form.